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Oversize TCP Radiator for 2017-22 Canam Maverick X3 All Models

$899.95 $799.95

Manufacturer: Blais Racing

Product Information

Oversize TCP High Efficiency Radiator for 2017-22 Canam Maverick X3, All Models X DS | X RS | X RC | X MR | MAX Turbo | Turbo R, Turbo RR

This is the best stock relocation radiator we have found for the Canam X3 models.  In the Southern California desert and high temps the X3 turbo cars have a hard time keeping cool under long high speed runs.  The stock radiator just cant keep up.  This radiator in combination with our Oil Cooler adapter kit was the ultimate package.  No more overheating in any high temperature condition or race condition.  Oil Cooler Adapter

The Can Am Maverick X3 | MAX | Turbo | R, Turbo RR  is growing rapidly in the Side by Side community. We have been contacted by a large number of people who want more cooling. These days the off road community seems to always want to go faster and climb higher! To achieve this, performance modifications are necessary to reach the horsepower you're looking for. Most times these types of modifications will result in higher engine temperatures.

(This unit will fit all 2017 - 2022 Maverick X3 models)

We have seen in this particular model that aftermarket radiator builders are taking shortcuts by simply relocating the radiator. This shortcut usually results in being unattractive, restricts visibility and can often be hazardous or dangerous. Let me explain, you're strapped into your side by side speeding down a trail or in the sand dunes with your radiator mounted behind you and your passengers head, then you have a tube in the core split or a hose burst. It starts spewing 200 degree coolant all over you and your passengers. How long under these conditions will it take to come to a stop safely, get everyone out of their seat belts and away from the hot coolant that is spraying on you? This is not a safe design, but an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen! Not to mention depending on the severity of the burns, a life changing event. This last reason for not simply doing a relocate, is why we don't use this type of design. We take the time to keep the radiator in the factory location. In most designs this takes a great deal of time to maximize the cooling while keeping it in the factory location. This performance radiator will increase the overall cooling efficiency by a minimum of 65%. The results you are going to see will be that the engine temperature will be more stable, keeping it near the thermostat setting instead of seeing large fluctuations.   

Why not protect your base investment of around $30 K, not to mention whatever upgrades you have done. This radiator is affordable, made with all components manufactured here in the USA and it keeps your coolant temps at a more stable and consistent level. The results are longer engine life and less wear and tear on the internal components of your engine. You might think of it as an insurance policy! 

This radiator core is built with a 2 1/4" thick radiator core.  Some competitors are building this radiator with a 38mm core  (1 1/2"), which is no improvement over the OEM radiator thickness, and still have a single pass flow pattern. So I ask you where is the improvement?

Our unit incorporates our Triple Pass Radiator design. This feature alone will enhance the cooling efficiency of the unit by as much as 25%. Couple that with the fact that it is 33% thicker, which gives you 35-40% more cooling over the OEM radiator. That makes this the best aftermarket radiator in the industry. 

If you are unfamiliar with the term Triple Pass Radiator I will explain how this is achieved. This process is most commonly used with a cross flow style radiator, meaning the coolant flow is from side to side (in a down flow style radiator the coolant flows from top to bottom). With a cross flow radiator we place a baffle in the tank 1/3 the way down on the inlet or top hose connection side of the radiator. On the other side of the radiator we place a baffle 2/3 of the way down the tank. The coolant comes in the top of the radiator and flows across the top 1/3 of the core. Then, the coolant drops down and encounters the baffle on the other side, forcing the coolant to flow back across the middle 1/3 of the radiator core and then it will pass through the final 1/3, or bottom portion of the radiator core. It will then exit, going back to the engine, thus the term Triple Pass Radiator. 

Here at TCP Performance we will implement this design whenever possible because of the thermal efficiency it offers. The reason this process works so well is that it keeps the coolant in the radiator core for an extended period of time allowing more time for heat to be removed from the coolant. The result is coolant returning to the engine with less heat than just passing across the radiator core one time. 

Flow pattern is a very important part of designing a radiator, and is often overlooked by O.E.M engineers.  Often times we will begin a new prototype for an application wondering to ourselves, "What were they thinking?" Our family has been in the Radiator industry for 55 years.  We use this experience and knowledge to bring to you the best and most efficient cooling designs available in the market to day. 

The HE or High Efficiency core 14 F P I ( being similar to the fin count of the OEM Radiator Core) is best used in applications where the type of riding you do is mainly dry conditions, where external clogging of the radiator core (such as mud or some other form of debris as a result of the conditions your machine is used in) is not experienced. This design will provide the maximum cooling for these conditions.


Product Code: TCP RADIATOR

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