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Manufacturer: Blais Racing

Product Information

JD Tuners now available for your 2017-19 KTM 250/350/ 450/ 500 EXC, and 2017-19 Husqvarna FE 250/350/ 450/ 501 Models.  This is just about as good as the EURO remapping but only offers fuel changes.  The best part is its user friendly and can be easily removed if needed.  With this JD tuner you do not need to do any TPS adjustments at all since you can tune every range of the rpm with the fuel tuner.  TPS adjustment only changes the bike fueling the same across the entire powerband but not on the top end which can be dangerous at running lean.  As you will see with the JD tuner settings for your 2017-19 KTM or Husqvarna you dont want or need the same % of fueling throughout the powerband.  These come preset for bone stock setup and have specs for an open/ aftermarket exhaust.  The JD tuners offer you a huge performance gain in your 2017-19 KTM and Husqvarna since they are really corked up and detuned.  You will also be able to remove the Reed Cage Restrictor in the airbox and install an aftermarket exhaust for full power.  The tuner will allow you to add all the fuel you need for your mods.  For the Husqvarna's you will recieve the corrresponding tuner from a KTM model so don't be alarmed when you receive it.  They are exactly the same just different label on the box so I dont have to stock so many different ones.

We are also now offering the VORTEX RACING ECU FOR 2017-19 KTM 250/350/450/500 EXC, HUSQVARNA FE 250/350/450/501 MODELS for the ultimate performance!

Shoot us an email first with any questions you may have.  If you call there will be a delayed response.

Dyno and field tested, the Power Surge 6X will allow correction for humidity, temperature, air pressure, along with race fuels and motor modifications. The tuner adjusts in a matter of seconds in 6 zones, including an accelerator pump feature for more throttle snap response. The tuner can add or subtract fuel from the injection system. Conditions like rich or lean running, and stalling from flame-out at low revs can be corrected. The Power Surge 6X stays mounted on the motorcycle or quad and is easy to understand and adjust.

The Power Surge 6X is a next generation performance tuning product for modern EFI systems. JDJetting's testing and research will provide the performance you need.

JDJetting Power Surge 6X fuel injection tuner:
-Increase power
-Improve throttle response
-6 levels of fuel injection tuning
-Adjustable accelerator pump surge circuit
-Easy to adjust at the track or off road
-Tuning logic similar to a carburetor
-Installs in minutes
-Recommended settings included

This modification is 100% for Closed Course Competition Use only. Not Intended for Street Use!  Does not conform to CARB/ EPA laws and regulations and is not legal for use upon a highway.I understand that it is illegal to install an aftermarket part that is intended for use with, or as part of, a required motor vehicle pollution control device or system that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control device or system unless the part has an Executive Order from CARB. Installation of these types of parts which are not CARB‐approved on a pollution controlled motor vehicle in the state of California may result in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revoking the vehicle registration and certification of ownership (title), refusing the transfer of registration, and/or the vehicle failing smog inspection. It is illegal to operate a vehicle in California with an illegal aftermarket part. Law enforcement may cite you for the use of an illegal aftermarket part and seize your title and license plate. By ordering this product you agree to these terms.  You agree that Blais Racing Services only sells racing parts and parts for converting your bike into a closed competition only vehicle and will not use Upon a Highway!

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Dongle Plug to allow removal of the Emissions canister without a FI light


Blais Racing KTM and Husqvarna 7 Ounce Clutch/ Flywheel Weight

FMF 4.1 Slip on Exhaust for 2017-19 KTM & Husqvarna's in stock!

Promoto Billet Stock Exhaust End Capfor those who want to keep the stock exhaust but want more flow!

Golan Super Mini Fuel Filter Kits

2016-2019 Bullet Proof Design Radiator Guards

2012-2019 Bullet Proof Designs Linkage Guard

2017-19 KTM 450/ 500 EXC-F & Husqvarna FE450/ 501 3 Piece Thermostat Bypass Samco Sport Silicone Hose Kit

Samco Sport Hose Kit for 2017-19 KTM 250/350 EXC-F/XC-W/SX-F/XC-F & 17-19 HUSQVARNA FC/FE 250/350 Thermostat bypass

Product Code: JDKTX14, JDKTX15, JDKTX16, JDKTX17


California Cancer and Reproductive Harm WarningWarning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

These warnings are not an indication that these products are violating any safety standards or regulations.

However, as our products might be sold in the state of California, we are legally obliged to inform customers about the potential presence of these chemicals in our products.

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