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AIM 5 MAP ECU FOR 2021-23 Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Gas Gas


Manufacturer: Blais Racing

Product Information

AIM 5 MAP ECU FOR 2021-23 Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, & Gas Gas


User Manual Can be found here!

To activate the traction control and the launch control, change running map and apply fuel corrections on the fly a handlebar map switch is needed.

The Aim ECU can manage up to five maps that can be selected both by OEM Switches or even more easily by the AIM Handlebar Switch.

Taipan is the brand-new aftermarket plug & play ECU created by AiM, exclusively designed for off-road motorcycles. Thanks to its high technology 32-bit core, it represents an important step forward to improve the performances of your motorcycle, without sacrificing reliability and smoothness.

High technology 32-bit core
Engine control requires precision.
At 20,000 RPM the Taipan ECU guarantees a precision of 1/10 of degree: this means an accuracy within 0.8 µsec for turning the spark ON!
This precision is the key to guarantee:
A very consistent engine rotation.
The possibility to repeat dozens of tests at the bench always obtaining the same exact result.
A perfect reactivity at every minimum change of any point of a map and, at the end…
More power at the wheel.



The Handlebar Switch is the best way for changing the behaviour of your motorcycle; it features 2 pushbuttons and 10 LEDs and manages the following settings:

1) Change running map.

2) Apply fuel corrections.

3) Activate traction control.



Map 1  Top Performance: a map that allows the engine to make the most of its power delivery and performance over the entire period of use. This map is developed in collaboration with the best teams and drivers in the racing world.

Map 2  Linear: It is a variable of the Top Performance that allows more linear delivery of the engine power. The bike is, therefore, less aggressive, ensuring a much smoother and more constant throttle opening.

Map 3 RPM Optimizer: With this map, the power delivery of the bike remains unchanged as in Map 1 but the "over revs" is optimized. The bike, therefore, does not exceed the maximum number of revolutions of the engine but obtains a greater reach.

Map 4: It is a variant of map 1 with less engine brake. The engine, therefore, maintains a racing delivery line with the not indifferent variant of a minor intervention of the engine brake during braking.

Map 5: It is a variant of Map 2 with less engine brake. The map, therefore, allows greater fluidity of use even when braking.

Map 6: Neutral or neutral map. This map comes into play when the bike is in neutral and is automatically shifted.

In addition to the implementation of the neutral map strategy, the following strategies are implemented:

Launch control (with the use, were present, of the standard buttons in addition to our HBS)

Quick-shift configured the sensor as switch close to GND on spare channel 1 of the ECU


The UC Bridge is the connection between the CAN bus of the ECU and the USB port of your PC, and is available in 2 different licenses:

• User license: A Taipan ECU comes with some basic maps that already give you better performances than the stock ones. Some highly professional tuners, all over the world, offer specific maps that may better fit your requirements, managing, for example, different exhaust systems, two injector kits, etc. You need the UC Bridge for two functions: - Transfer new and different maps to your ECU through the User License UC Bridge. - Receive from the Taipan ECU the diagnostic information.

• Tuner license: With this license the tuner can create maps, configurations, and strategies designed for the rider’s motorcycle. The tuner can then flash the ECU directly, or send the file by email to allow the rider to download and flash their own ECU. All while preserving the tuners proprietary work with three layers of protection and security.

 • Then the tuner can flash them directly on the ECU or send them by e-mail to allow the rider to download and install all Maps in the ECU. This manual covers the use of the tuner license.


Any and all warranty issues will be handled directly with the AIM US distributor (AIM SPORTS), not Blais Racing Services. All AIM products come with a 24 month warranty. No refunds or returns on any electronic items.

This modification is 100% for Closed Course Competition Use only. Not Intended for Street Use!  Does not conform to CARB/ EPA laws and regulations and is not legal for use upon a highway.I understand that it is illegal to install an aftermarket part that is intended for use with, or as part of, a required motor vehicle pollution control device or system that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control device or system unless the part has an Executive Order from CARB. Installation of these types of parts which are not CARB‐approved on a pollution controlled motor vehicle in the state of California may result in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revoking the vehicle registration and certification of ownership (title), refusing the transfer of registration, and/or the vehicle failing smog inspection. It is illegal to operate a vehicle in California with an illegal aftermarket part. Law enforcement may cite you for the use of an illegal aftermarket part and seize your title and license plate. By ordering this product you agree to these terms.  You agree that Blais Racing Services only sells racing parts and parts for converting your bike into a closed competition only vehicle and will not use Upon a Highway!

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Product Code: aim ecu


California Cancer and Reproductive Harm WarningWarning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

These warnings are not an indication that these products are violating any safety standards or regulations.

However, as our products might be sold in the state of California, we are legally obliged to inform customers about the potential presence of these chemicals in our products.

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