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DirtTricks KTM Cooling fan for 2008-2014 KTMs

$110.00 $99.95

Product Information

DirtTricks KTM Cooling Fan for all 2012-2014 KTM's with Battery.  This fan will also fit all 2008-2011 models but may require a little shroud trimming to be able to reach the switch easier. 

We are now offering an alternative to the bulky and often hard to find OEM KTM cooling fan kits. Dirt Tricks presents an unobtrusive, clamp mount fixture fan kit that fits all late model KTM radiators. This kit weighs less than 1lb total and only sticks about 1″ off your radiator fins. Therefore it works with most large capacity gas tanks.

In addition, this part is controlled by a simple switch and is designed to draw minimal power from your battery. (NEW! Thermo controlled units now available!)

With a fan drawing a mere 8-watts, the Dirt Tricks Fan Kit is undoubtedly the most efficient and effective option available on the market today. The unique design of this fan prevents it from burning up in the event that debris gets trapped between the blades. The in line fuse also protects the fan from short circuiting, and is fairly water resistant. (See our water test video below) Our fan housing is lightweight and comes in vibrant orange and black. It all comes ready for install with all necessary wiring “plug and play”. In other words, clamp it to your radiator, run the leads to your battery and you are done, its that easy.

  • Approximate 25 degree lower operating temperature during periods of low air flow (i.e. slow and difficult climbs, or ultra technical single track)
  • 8 watt draw (0.75amps). Can run all the time your bike is running and will not drain you battery
  • On/off switch is positioned cleanly in your radiator shroud cut out. This is deep enough so your knees will not hit it, yet easily accessed when needed. LED light lets you know when switch is on
  • Our machined clamp attaches quickly and easily with all needed hardware included. Orange or black anodized for that trick factory look!
  • Power wire provided with eyelets that easily attach to battery terminals. In line fuse protected (standard small-blade automotive fuse provided)
  • “Shaded Pole” design allows for fan to be stopped under power without damage to the fan motor
  • Currently available for late model KTM’s and we now have 3 variations to choose from. (Honda and Yamaha kits are being developed, stay tuned!)

KTM-FAN1 is our on/off switch controlled unit. This kit best suits 2011-2013 KTM’s with the newest KTM radiator shroud design because the bracket positions the on/off switch in the top “cut out” of your shroud for easy access. If you are using a large capacity gas tank, you may need to mount the fan slightly lower on the radiator to clear the tank, however you should still be able to access the switch. Bright LED light indicates switch on.




Product Code: KTM-FAN1

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